I’m Mugunth Kumar, independent iOS Developer, Author and iOS Programming Trainer.


I co-authored the advanced iOS Programming book, iOS 6 Programming: Pushing the limits with Rob Napier. It’s available on most online stores including Amazon, iBooks and most brick and mortar stores throughout the world. If you prefer a dead tree version shipped to your home free of cost, you can get one from Book Depository

Open Source Contributions

I’ve also made extensive contributions to the iOS open source community and some of my most popular work include,


MKNetworkKit is an awesome, fully ARC compatible networking framework for iOS and Mac platforms.

Apart from this, various other blog sites have written tutorials and praises about MKNetworkKit. Following are some of these.

    • Uploading an image using MKNetworkKit is a cakewalk. Follow this tutorial to understand how to use MKNetworkKit to upload images.

You can find various blog posts featuring MKNetworkKit on the Internet. If you wrote one, let me know. I’ll feature it here.


If you are a game programmer, you might have integrated MKStoreKit to enable In-App purchasing in your app. MKStoreKit is fully ARC compliant, block-based drop dead simple library that helps you integrate IAP in your app.
You can learn more about MKStoreKit and In App Purchases in general, in my first tutorial
Introduction to In App Purchases

Later in 2010, I added support for Server Product Model and consumables in MKStoreKit 3. A quick introduction to the new features is over at MKBlog: Introducing MKStoreKit 3.0

MKStoreKit 4.0 took it to the next level by supporting Auto-renewable subscriptions. You can read about this over at MKBlog: MKStoreKit with auto-renewable subscriptions

MKStoreKit is a well maintained code base and I’ve been actively adding features from 2009 (close to 3 years)

You can learn more about internals of MKStoreKit and how to use them in your app in this post,
Using MKStoreKit in your apps or in my book.

Other contributions

I also made several open source components like MKInfoPanel, MKEntryPanel, MKiCloudSync, MKHorizMenu, MKTickerView and UIKitCategoryAdditions. The mentioned components have more than 100 watchers as on date. I’ve made even more components and you can get them all for free from my Github page.

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I do contract and consulting work on iOS. You can go to my hire me page to know my availability and drop me an email, if you are interested.

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I do customized corporate training on iOS. Drop me an email, if you are interested.

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