Blogging after a long time. I’m not going to give you the same “I’m busy” excuse. Lets get to the point. WWDC will start in matter of hours and Twitterverse is going to be flooded with tweets from the Apple cult.
As a developer, I’m expecting the following additions to iOS SDK. I believe these additions would be beneficial to both developers and end users.


Accounts Framework third party support

Open up AccountsFramework.framework. Any third party authentication provider should be able to add their account to the Accounts framework. For example, Dropbox should be able to add Dropbox support system wide by tapping into this framework. At launch, calling a method like

[UIApplication sharedApplication]

would make “AppName” a system-wide Accounts provider. iOS should verify the username/password that is entered by the user using the verificationUrl parameter (which is probably an oAuth authentication endpoint).

I would recommend a method-call like this instead of a plist entry so that iOS can show an access control dialog like “AppName would like your permission to register itself as a accounts provider” when it’s called.

This would help other developers to easily add “Instapaper” support or “” support or Image/Video Upload service. The end users’ authentication mechanism now becomes even more easier.

Widget support

Open up Notification Center so that applications can register itself as widget providers.

More multi-tasking goodness with background launch

Registered widget apps should be woken up at periodic intervals. With iOS 5, this happens when location change significantly. Recently Instapaper introduced background location updates where the app will update your local cache whenever you enter or leave a specified place. The only reason why “location” is used is, right now as of iOS 5, there is no other way to get your app to the foreground at periodic intervals. (to perform quick tasks). Resorting to significant location changes are not probably the right way to do this. It’s more of a hack. However, the hack solves the issue. It’s beneficial to the end user without being a battery hog. This alone means, Apple should open it up. Allow applications to be woken up at periodic intervals (constraints like a maximum of 4 times a day for 1 minute interval should be applied)

Fix Xcode

Make Xcode more usable.

Storyboarding is almost unusable on MacBook Air. No not the screen resolution. The whole Storyboarding experience is painfully slow.

Improve performance when a new tab is opened

When one of the tab shows a Storyboard or the Core Data Editor or the Project Editor, opening another tab is painfully slow on the latest MacBook Air.

Improve refactoring

AppCode does a remarkable job of refactoring. When a third party developer tool can do a great job, why can’t Apple?

Improve auto correct/suggest

Auto correct/suggest feature in Xcode should suggest from recently used classes/methods instead of an alphabetical list. Isn’t it common that NSString is more often used than NSSet or NSStream?


A better MPMoviePlayerController

As of iOS 5, to do anything other than just playing a video, you have to resort to AVMediaPlayer and play around with its CALayer. While this is not complicated, I think, Apple can do a better job here.

Background location

Apparently, Apple’s own “Find My Friends” (aka: Stalk my Friends) and “Find my iPhone” doesn’t use the SDK provided region monitoring. It uses something else and this something else seems to eat less battery juice than region monitoring or significant location updates. I’m not sure how Apple does this, but it would be great if they open those APIs.

Directions support in MapKit

Matthias Tretter wrote this awesome Without this framework, there is no way to show a nice elegant directions on a MKMapView. Right now, quitting the app and opening Maps is the way most developers resort to. With the new maps app just around the corner, I would expect a directions API built right into MKMapView in iOS 6.

Siri ???

I wouldn’t want Apple to open up Siri right now. It’s still in its infancy and opening it up might even result in funnier responses like, The best phone in the world is Nokia Lumia 900
Leave the Siri SDK for another year. May be iOS 7 or 8.

None of this might happen or all of this might happen. No one knows. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and listen to what Apple is announcing. I’m staying up late to catch up the WWDC live streaming. Follow me on Twitter (@mugunthkumar) for updates and tweet me your wishlist.


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