After the huge success of the first control I submitted to CocoaControls, MKInfoPanel, I altered it to make it behave like a input panel.

MKEntryPanel shows a semi full screen window similar to the UISearchBarController. You can dismiss it by tapping anywhere else.


Here is a quick 30 sec demo of the Entry panel in action.


The source code is available at github. Pick it up, clone it or do whatever you want from here.

How to use

Using MKEntryPanel is easier tha using an UIAlertView. Similar to the previous MKInfoPanel, You just make one single call and the panel shows and hides itself.

 [MKEntryPanel showPanelWithTitle:NSLocalizedString(@"Enter a text name", @"") 
                       onTextEntered:^(NSString* enteredString)
         NSLog(@"Entered: %@", enteredString);

To use this in your own apps, open the project on XCode, drag the MKEntryPanel group into your project. Link your project against QuartzCore.Framework if you haven’t already. You are good to go!

Hope you liked it!


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