I showed you previously how to let the user know why you require their location in one of the previous blog posts.

Apple added similar access dialogs for Contacts, Reminders, Calendars and Photos in iOS 6. If you ever use anyone of these services in your app, you should set a usage description text string in your Info.plist file that explains the user why you need access to the requested information. Along with this change, the purpose property that I discussed in the previous blog post of CLLocationManager is deprecated in favour of a new key NSLocationUsageDescrption in the Info.plist

The following new keys are added in iOS 6 SDK and Mac OS X 10.8 SDK.


Privacy Plist

When you set the Usage Description, you will see a request alert as shown below.

Photo library access

It’s just an additional entry in your Info.plist file. Displaying the usage description gives a sense of safety to your users that the data is not collected with malicious intentions.


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