I’m running a one-man consulting and training company, Steinlogic Consulting and Training in Singapore, for the past three years. I do iOS apps and conduct trainings for my clients.

Product Development

My hourly consulting rate for programming starts from US$150. Smaller projects like writing algorithms or an SDK for your API or custom UI controls are usually priced higher per hour and mostly these smaller projects are sub 20hr modules (either UI controls or algorithms or SDKs).

Smaller projects (~1 month/50-70 hrs) will cost around USD 7.5k to USD 10k. Projects where I can use some boiler plate code and are heavy on UI fall under the lower band.  Based on this rates, the median costs for the first iteration of an average sized project (2-3 months) will be from USD 22k to USD 30k. That is 150-200 hours spread over 2-3 months (16 – 24 hrs a week). These data come straight from my last year’s invoices. Drop me an email at contact@mk.sg and we will take it up from there. Unlike most other developers, I’ve put up my prices here because I want to be as transparent with you as I’m with everyone else.

In-House Training

I’ve written extensively about iOS development on my blog and in my book. If you are interested in in house corporate trainings for your employees, look no further. Drop me an email at contact@mk.sg and we will take it up from there. You can also visit the microsite, iostraining.sg for upcoming training schedules at our office.

Web Service SDK

I’ve also helped my clients to build a highly performance efficient reusable web service SDK using MKNetworkKit. Your in-house developers or other contractors can build the time/cost consuming UI layer on top of my code. For a medium sized project, this usually takes 40-50 hrs or around USD 5.5k over a period of 2 months.

Web Service API Design Consultation

I provide design consultation on doing your web services for mobile apps the right way. I’ll meet up with your backend developers and gauge their abilities and advise and guide them on doing the API design the right way. For a mid sized project with around 25-30 endpoints, the fee for this consultation is SGD 3500 and this includes preparing the API specification for all the endpoints and 4-6 meetings over a period of 6 weeks.

Other Consulting

I can provide you consultation on a variety of topics related to iOS development. Have a project left half way by your old contractors? Your in house employees are not capable enough to deliver the product on time? Look no further. You can reach me at contact@mk.sg.

Retainer contracts

I’m available for retainer contracts now. My retainer rates are slightly lower at $950 per day.

Blog sponsorships

I haven’t done this before, and still using Google Adsense. My blog gets around 80,000 page views and around 65,000 visitors a month. Propose your rates and I’ll get back to you.

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