RoaringApps did a great job collating app compatibility with Lion. ReadyForKing takes it to the next level. It scans your computer and checks for compatibility.

The initial beta now scans your /Applications directory recursively and lists executable applications it finds. After enumerating, it checks them for compatibility, all automatically. You just have to launch the app and sit tight.

The current release is a beta, and might have minor issues with showing correct icons and it lists all .app bundles (whether or not they are applications). The UI and the logo is developer designed. So don’t expect polish there.

I’m intending to make two more beta releases before releasing it officially. the official release will also be free of cost from here and will probably coincide with release of Lion. If you are willing to help me, please grab your copy of ReadyForKing from here.

Release 1:


Release 2:

Run it on your Mac and let me know if it detects your applications properly. I’m open for suggestions, bugs and anything that would improve the product.


Version 0.9 is has some nice updates including a beautiful icon by @samuelmenezes


Get it here.

Release 2:
PS: If you already had the previous version, you will get it automatically through Sparkle’s auto update.



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