Ah… Bing… Wonderful product from Microsoft IMO.

I always wanted to save the wallpapers/images that appears on the front page of Bing.com to my local PC. But visiting the site everytime and saving it was cumbersome.

So I thought of writing my own C# utility that could do that job for me.

The utility is just 10KB (yeah Kilo Byte) is open source, free from any kind of obligations. But if you use it in your app, I would be happy if you could attribute me though attribution is not mandatory.

Here is a link to the codeplex hosted project.

Bing Downloader –http://bing.codeplex.com/


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  • BING Downloader for Linux (GNOME): http://spsneo.com/blog/2009/07/18/set-bing-backgr

  • Dane

    Hey Mugunth,

    I really appreciate this utility! I have been searching for something like this for a while. However, it is not clear to me what directory the images are saved to once I run the bingdownloader.exe.

    I am running Win7 x64 with bingdownloader

    Any insight would be most appreciated!


  • Cau Trindade

    Hey Muginth…How to use it ? I runned it, it showed some small Bing images and when I click on it to see it larger, it takes full screen, BUT the full screen image is TRANSLUCENT, so I can see what’s behind the image…it’s useless…I can’t PRTSC. Does the apps save the images on any folder ??

  • Red Devil

    Please update Bing Downloader since the bing api or url (of the wallpapers) seems to have changed. Bing Downloader crashes on win 7 sp1 x64 (from the past month i.e. may 2016 or so) with CLR20r3 System.ApplicationException. Tried on multiple systems but same error.