For the past 2 or 3 months, I’ve been busy developing a product, which I’m announcing now. It’s called as MKSync and it’s a iPhone client for Syncplicity.

The product is in its early release phase and I intend to  submit it to AppStore by this month end. Currently I’m looking for beta testers. I’m looking for around 10-20 beta testers. As and when needs arise, I might increase the limit. I would prefer people who will be interested in testing the app’s second and third versions as well.

As of version 1, the most important features include, sharing files via email and the ability to browse and view downloaded files on iPhone without an active Internet connection. These features are illustrated in the screencast below.

If you prefer a direct download of the screencast, click here — Removed direct download. This screencast is too old.

If you are interested in beta testing, drop me a mail @ with your UDIDs.

You can send me your UDID using Erica Sadun’s UDID Generator. (iTunes Link)

For more information go to the Syncplicity forum here. (You need a Syncplicity account for accessing the forums)

For updates on this product, You can follow us on twitter @mksync.

Update: 21st September 2009: Closed for private beta. Follow us for product release updates.
Update: 19th October 2009: Product submitted to Apple. Follow us for product release updates.
Update: 7th November 2009: Product approved by Apple. No rejections whatsoever! Visit the product page for MKSync here.

For those who don’t know, what is Syncplicity, please read it’s wikipedia entry. It’s a cloud based, online backup and sync service, that works seamlessly behind the scenes to synchronize your data across computers simultaneously backing up to the cloud. Long gone are the days when you carried a USB drive around to keep your data in Sync. Apart from just syncing PCs, it can sync your google docs documents with your PC, keep your facebook albums in sync with your photos and much more…

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  • Ondrej Hrebicek

    Great screencast and an even greater app, Mugunth!

  • Guna

    Cool App. Does it support Landscape mode on view?

    • Yes. But I couldn't show that in the screencast as the iPhone was toooooo wide… 😀

  • Djill

    great application to come,I will appreciate the search box which is missing on the web version

    • Are you interested in participating in a private beta?

      Sent from my iPhone

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  • Arul

    Hi Kumar, Deepavalli greetings…..

  • Olivier


    It looks like you're hiding the price of the share feature. I can't find it on your website nor on the appstore nor in the app itself when I install it on my iPhone. And I can get the link in the iPhone app since I only have a Mac, so no desktop version of Syncplicity and the web version of Syncplicity doesn't allow me to upload any file.

    I can't test Syncplicity nor your share feature while the only reason for me to go for Syncplicity would be the share feature on the iPhone. Syncplicity is already the most expensive sync service I've found (think Dropbox, Sugarsync, Jungle Disk…) so I don't want to get owned with expensive additional features.

    Can you please provide us with some pricing details? Thank you very much.

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