iOS5 Programming: Pushing the limits

Rob and myself created a new website, where we will be posting minor updates to the book and other relevant information that might be of use to iOS developers.

iOS is a cutting edge technology. Like everything on the cutting edge, it’s constantly growing and changing. A book captures a moment in time, and iOS:PTL captured the state of the art during the iOS 5 beta in 2011. Most things about iOS development don’t change from month to month, and we expect most of the book to be accurate long into the future. But some things do change, and this website will capture those updates so that the reader can have the most accurate information today.

Checkout the website and subscribe to the feed or follow us on twitter for up to date information on the book.


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  • Damien Pontifex

    Great to see the updates as I was wondering about the use of ASIHTTPRequest in the networking section due to its discontinued support.  Will the iBooks version be updated so as to re-download to include the updated information?

    • MugunthKumar

      Please start using MKNetworkKit.
      ASI is discontinued. 

  • Tom McNamee

    Not sure the best place to post ‘book bugs’, so please advise us all.
    On Chapter 5, page 72, 8th line down: [[NSBundle mainBundle loadBibNamed: … should have a close bracket after ‘mainBundle’.

  • have you considered publishing this book in India? it’s super expensive here and hard to find it in stock on most of the online bookstores. It’s been more than 20 days since i ordered my copy.. :/

    • MugunthKumar

      Unfortunately that’s not under my control.
      The publisher decides distribution rights based on purchases.

      Thanks for buying.

  • Hi Mugunth,
    I’ve purchased ‘Pushing the limits’, mostly to support your various awesome open source components!
    Thank you 

    • MugunthKumar

      Thanks. Hope you find the book useful too!

  • Nikos Bitoulas

    I bought the book and all I can say is that it is e x c e l l e n t. It stands out from all those “iOS beginner books” and explains more advanced topics. Keep up the good work!