My first mac app, iConify is available on Mac App Store! After 17 days on radio silence from Apple, they approved it today.

What is iConify?

iConify is a quick little tool to resize icons for your iOS app. The beauty of iConify is that, there are no configuration options, tweaks whatsoever. Launch the app, drag an icon into it, Boom, a resized and properly named file appears inside the iConify folder.

How is it different from competing apps?

While there are plenty of icon resizing apps, they aren’t just as smart or as iConify. iConify is smart in the sense, it tries to detect icon files from other assets and generate files accordingly. iConify also auto names the generated files from your source file.

Pro feature

Since iConify supports drag and drop, you don’t even have to save or export a file to generate icons. Just drag a proxy icon from whichever app you use, photoshop or pixelmator into iConify. No questions asked, your icons/assets are generated. This means, when you are working on Photoshop, you don’t even have to bring iConify to focus. Drag the proxy icon onto iConify and continue working on your graphic stuff. It’s that simple.

How to video


The app is available exclusively from the Mac App Store.

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