SG BBoM iPhone App is designed specifically for use with SingTel mobile broadband plans. The rationale behind this development is, SingTel doesn’t send you an SMS or alery when your mobile broadband data charges over shoot the free limit. Overshooting the free limit even by a 100MB could cost your dearly.

According to SingTel

Excess usage will be charged at $0.01/2KB. Which means, a megabyte of data, (1024KB) will cost you about 5$.

To give you a analogy, a newyork times webpage will be around 500KB. Browse 10 such pages, you end up paying your soul to $ingTel.

SingTel already provides a web interface to check your data usage

But because it’s not a light weight page, many of us don’t bother to check our data usage everyday.

Now here comes a handy little app to check your Broadband Usage on the Go on your iPhone.

Checkout more about this app on it’s page. SG BBOM.

Note: This app is still under review by Apple. Will update this blog once it’s done.

Update: 5th August 2009: Apple has approved this app… Click here for the app. SingTel BBOM (iTunes Link)

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  • Gova

    Thanks mugunth for the new update. Would be nice to have Push notification enabled so that users can be notified if they are close to meeting their quota or over their quota

    • As of now, the details you key in are directly sent to SingTel servers.
      For push notifications to work, I have to store them on my servers so that I can check them periodically, which most people would not prefer (as you have to disclose your hp number and NRIC to me)

      Yet, I'm getting this request from many users. So I'm thinking of writing a new app for that. But don't have an ETA as yet…

  • inetuser

    How do you calculate estimation?
    Currently my usage is 146.90 MB only(6 Sept 2009).
    Your program estimated as 4407.00 MB with Red Glow.
    My next cycle will start on 7 Sept 2009.

    • On the cycle date, when you check ur usage, it behaves crazy becuase of data errors by SingTel.
      When u checked ur usage, the date was 7th sept (early morning). If your cycle date is 7th, SingTel should reset the usage counters at midnight, but they don't do it. They usually take another couple of days. When they correct it, the program will automatically behave properly…

  • Eugene

    Having problem to check the usage. Keep prompting check input.
    I’m using a BRN (Bus Register No.) instead of NRIC no.
    Does it affect?

    • The BBOM App is bricked by SingTel now… I've again submitted an update. BTW, it should work for BRN numbers as well…

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  • I don’t know if it is my phone getting old or if it is the mobile broadband that my phone is operating on. I have been losing network on and off for some time now. Can some one now please enlighten me on how to correct this!