So I got my iPhone 5 today after queueing for 7 hours. This product, like any other Apple product, looks great and feels great. The black iPhone is completely black all around, including the metal band. The device is light and thin and feels considerably light compared to the previous models yet feels strong.

However, I’m not a fan of the new larger screen. Though Apple didn’t increase the width of the phone, it’s still uncomfortable to use it with one hand. It feels like a TV remote control instead of a phone. I took a couple of photos of me using the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5.

Single handed use - iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5

Single handed use – iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5

The problem with the 4″ screen is in accessing the iOS navigation bar’s back button and the sleep/wake button. Though my index finger could reach the sleep/wake button, I couldn’t turn it off without using my right hand (look at the location of my index finger in the above photo). Similarly, I could only barely reach the navigation bar’s back button on most apps.

When I was using a 4.2″ Windows Phone, I was still able to do most tasks with one hand as the back button was a hardware button on the lower left. Apple’s products have always been unisexual but the iPhone 5 is simply not for the fair sex.


I’m a headphones/earphones junkie and have around 5 or 6 headphones/earphones with me. I currently use the Bose QC 15 noise cancelling headphones and I used to use a Sennheiser CX 300 II for about three years prior to Bose.

I also use a Klipsch S4i in ear plugs when I’m working out or running and I don’t want to carry the bulk noise cancelling headphones. I started using Klipsch after I lost the Sennheiser CX 300 II.

I’m an audiophile and I was quite sceptic about the rave reviews for the Apple EarPods. But I’m now pleasantly surprised that they work well and i’m pleased with its performance. The bass is not muddy and it’s just right and far better than what other open type earphones can offer. The Klipsch in ear plugs, while do a better job with bass, it can get muddy for some of the heavy R&B music. The bright tones are a bit over emphasized and can make you fatigue after a few hours of listening, but was within manageable levels. The EarPods fit into the ear comfortably and didn’t fall off during a normal workout and this is going to replace my Sennheiser as my workout headphones.

I can’t compare the EarPods with my Bose QC 15. Bose QC 15 offers a sound quality that almost matches my $2000 custom assembled home theatre. It’s noise cancelling headphones and what that means is, just by turning the headphones on without music, you can shut off most of the office noises like printer, coffee machine and your own keyboard clicks. But again, comparing Bose QC 15 with EarPods is like comparing a DSLR with iPhone camera.

If you are an audiophile and own a pair of expensive headphones, you would not appreciate the EarPods. But, if you are a kind of person who want a light weight earphones and don’t like the in ear plugs type, the EarPods are for you. I strongly believe that these EarPods will annihilate the $100-$300 intermediate segment earphones or in ear plugs market like what iPhone camera did to the point and shoot camera. Job well done, Apple!


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