Microsoft has partnered with Big Nerd Ranch to bring iOS developers a free two day training designed to jumpstart Windows Store development. The training is a two day event covering the basics, introduction to the platform, design differences between iOS and Windows 8 to Maps, Skydrive and Microsoft account integration.

The training happens in San Francisco. But, unlike most others that are free only for developers in San Francisco, what interests me about the event is that, it will be live streamed and anyone from any part of the world can watch the complete event. If you are in San Francisco, you can just walk down to their office to attend the training in person.


The training starts next week, December 13th 9 AM to December 14th 5 PM Pacific time. Around the world, the timings would be

06:00AM – Hawaii

08:00AM – Alaska

09:00AM – Pacific

10:00AM – Mountain

11:00PM – Central

12:00PM – Eastern

01:00PM – São Paulo

05:00PM – London

06:00PM – Paris

08:00PM – Moscow

01:00AM – Singapore (the next day)

02:00AM – Tokyo (the next day)

03:00AM – Sydney (the next day)


The trainers for the course will be Aaron Hillegass and Jaime Rodriguez.


Register for the event here

I registered, but I might be skipping the first few as it would early morning 1AM for me. Overall, I’m excited about Big Nerd Ranch’s collaboration and see how the Windows Phone platform would evolve.

Your should register too.


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